Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 194 September 2, 2010

Some of the prettiest things in nature are so tiny they get all but ignored.

Day 193 September 1, 2010

A young maple
trying to
make a life
in an open
area of dry

Day 192 August 31, 2010

"The woods are
lovely, dark,
and deep..."
Frost was so
right. They are
also calming
and renew the
spirit. The
thing about
the PNW is there
are so many
small forests so
nearby to every
place (except,
of course,
Seattle) that
a person can walk
to them.

Day 191 August 30, 2010

A pretty ordinary photo. But the colors and arrangement are attractive. The pine cone is tiny and it is dramatized by the fir needles that have collected in the same area.

Day 190 August 29, 2010

Robert Frost
would no doubt
pen a summer
version to his
"Stopping By
Woods On A
Evening" if
he encountered
this broad
daylight scene.

Day 189 August 28, 2010

Moss grows
The Rain Forest
is practically
right next
door, but it
does seem that
moss has been
abundantly in
places one can't
seeing it before.
Here a fern is
growing out of the moss on this
tree limb. Small wonder there
are Sasquatch sightings!

Day 188 August 27, 2010

Except for the
boardwalk and
the under-
of the need to
preserve the
wetlands, this
just begs one to
venture into
the woods.

Day 187 August 26, 2010

Wetlands and
boardwalks just
go together here
in the Pacific
Northwest. This one
is quiet, has low
traffic, and is
something of a
secret on the
edge of
Federal Way, WA.
Doubtful many
would get to enjoy it
without the
boardwalk as it would
be so boggy and
soggy and gooey.

Day 186 August 25, 2010

This could use a bit of cropping but the calming and serene feeling of it makes it worthwhile for a relaxing view. Also makes one wonder what the view is like from that bench.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 185 August 24, 2010

This is reminiscent of a Monet painting. There was just enough breeze on this lake to create the effect. This might, when cropped, make a great presentation slide background: it is doubtful anyone would want to frame and hang it but it it relaxing to look at.

Day 184 August 23, 2010

Day 183 August 22, 2010

Two of many ways
to pass a
summer's day:
talking it over with
an old pal or
painting the scene
to see it again
another day.

Day 182 August 21, 2010

Summer afternoon
in Gig Harbor

Day 181 August 20, 2010

There really is nothing so
fine as a summer afternoon
on the sound!

Day 180 August 19, 2010

These looked artificial and
waxy and beautiful!

Day 179 August 18, 2010

No idea what this is:
never saw it before

Day 178 August 17, 2010

What? That's a good question.
Something shed a great deal
of hair in this clump. No sign of struggle or wallowing or raking into one spot. One trace was near by but no other hair anywhere about.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 177 August 16, 2010

Yellow wonder: wonder
what it is...

Day 176 August 15, 2010

Guess this thistle was
too prickly the
first time: had
to upload it

Day 175 August 14, 2010

So pretty!

Day 174 August 13, 2010

You would think it
was fall instead
of August!

Day 173 August 12, 2010

Delicate beauty among the weeds.

Day 172 August 11, 2010

It may be the bright half draws the eye too much but the contrast of colors and textures is worth it.

Day 171 August 10, 2010

Red Fish Blue Fish is located in a shipping container! You can eat in (stools tall and short provided but no tables) or take out (?) wrapped in newspaper instead of presented in a plastic basket. And yes, worth the wait in line.

Victoria, BC makes a dramatic and romantic entrance!

The iconic Empress Hotel,
Victoria, BC

Just in case you can't read the left column it says:
Live Longer

Day 170 August 9, 2010

One of four breaches we were
privileged to observe
this day

Race Rocks Walrus, seals and sea birds, oh, my!

Race Rocks Lighthouse

J, K & L pods were all
present and
accounted for!

The "Big Guy" all alone

...waving goodbye...

Day 169 August 8, 2010

The contrast in color is lovely here.

Day 168 August 7, 2010

Looks like an AT&T ad!

Day 167 August 6, 2010

Right there, just below center, in the water. That's as close as anyone came to see who was there.

Day 166 August 5, 2010

Why is it Cat Tail Reeds fascinate all of us so? Have to admit, they are lovely and tall while appearing to be soft to the touch. These were taken moments apart but have
different moods.

Day 165 August 4, 2010

This spider almost seems to be weighing down and causing the head of this spear of grass to bend in that beautiful arch!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 164 August 3, 2010

This is a lovely old piece of architecture. It was built as the Swiss Hall where people who had migrated to this country could gather. The basement is now home to "The Swiss Tavern" whose owner is an art lover so one should go to see the glass and paintings as well as the good food.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 163 August 2, 2010

These two are painting something on the back of the Rialto Theater. It looks only begun so it will be interesting to see what the finished product will look like.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 162 August 1, 2010

If the cars weren't there you could just about hear the sound of horse's hooves clopping on the street. It is wonderful that the architecture of this town wasn't allowed to be completely destroyed during the era of tearing down perfectly good buildings just to build new, modern ones.