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Day 270 November 16, 2010

Nearning sunset this sailboarder was having a wonderful ride in good winds.

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Day 269 November 15, 2010

Condos on the beach without so many neighbors as newer condos or older timeshares.

Pelican! Headed for Bird Island.

Looking south on Sablo.

Zerapes Restaurant with George's Bar and Grill in the back: enter through the open hall between the shops on the left.

The "Mexican Airforce" as some timeshare owners refer to Pelicans.

Red sky at night, sailor's delight!

Day 268 November 14, 2010

Most of the posted pictures for November 13 are actually belonging here on this date. Will try to reconfigure the pictures at another time.

Day 267 November 13, 2010

Looking east from the Costa de Oro into the neighborhood streets.

The beautiful and famouse Angela Piralta Theater. It was modeled after the Ford Theater in Washington D.C. It is a wonderfully intimate venue!

Looking down the lane from the Angela Piralta Theater.

The Merchado Square recently restored.

One of the many small restaurants around the square. Really you had to look at the tablecloths and the whole scene to know where you were eating and if you were actually in the restaurant where you wanted to be rather than the one next door!

This is the entry to a completely interesting shop (on the right here)

Polmoneas are everywhere. Slightly less than a taxi and slightly more than the bus. Prices are negotiable: and you really should negotiate or you will pay too much.
A lot of property is in some state of construction or deconstruction!

Beach vendors looking for one last sale.

The applaudable end to another perfect day in paradise.

Downtown Mazatlan

Day 266 November 12, 2010

This view was looking south just at a bend in the coastline.

This is just at the bend. Looking out to sea Wolf Island is the farthest left and Deer Island is to the right of it. While Deer Island is a place to play, the thick brambly and sharp brush prevents hiking off the beach. Those who have tried have been quite sorry.

My pal the ibis who appeared every morning just infront of which ever place I was staying. He is a regular ham and not only walked with me but posed for many, many photographs.

Not many Sandpipers were on the beach; maybe it was the wrong season?
Two older gentlemen walking the beach and solving the world's problems...

Grackles are beautiful black birds not at all like crows or ravens that are in abundance here.

Two more fellows at sunset solving the world's problems and waiting to applaude the sunset when it happens.

Another beautiful painting of the sky by the setting of the sun...

Every night was different and each was stunningly beautiful!

Day 265 November 11, 2010

At the Inn At Mazatlan, happy hour includes complimentary bags of popcorn. The pidgeons were often the receipients of the left overs from people staying there.

Day 264 November 10, 2010

Of course no trip to Mexico could be complete without a fiesta. There were examples of dances from various parts and as you can see the costumes were beautiful! The dancing was excellent!

The children loved the pinata! This one was especially difficult so not only did every child get an opportunity, but the dad of the youngest (at 3) had to be invited up to finish the job and he had no easy time even though he wasn't blindfolded, either!

There seemed to be weddings all the time and the beach was a popular site.

Day 263 November 9, 2010

These pictures are really here in reverse order. The first is the
later sunset picture and the
second is earlier.

The vendors are going home for
the day. It is late fall and they are cold but the tourists, their potential sales, are not. It is an
interesting contrast: Mexicans bundled up and tourists from everywhere in swimsuits.

Late afternoon and vendors are eager for one more sale. At least one fellow with the horses has a client. Generally sales of all kinds were low. Many would walk the beach all day or tend a small shop all day without a single sale.

The Mexican airforce.
Bird Island off Mazatlan is a reserve for the birds and people are restricted from landing on its small beaches. The pelicans live there and they are protected. Some told me they are the Sinola or perhaps the Mexican bird but others said no, it's the Frigate Bird. I learned: Mexico's national bird is the (Northern) Crested Caracara which is depicted on the Mexican flag and is considered an omen of good luck. Bird Island is home to about 120 species of birds. Still trying to determine if Sinola has a state bird.

Building methods in Sinola, Mexico: temporary wood supports for concrete structures.

Day 262 November 8, 2010

There are a few doves that hang around cooing and perching on top of the palapalas like this one.

The beach vendors are amazing. They bring all sorts of things to sell to tourists. This one fellow was carrying ALL of this stuff at once. His particular load was fairly light compared to some. Still you wonder seeing him this way with his goods how he could manage to carry all of these things.

This sandpiper was still hanging around looking for food at dusk.

The pool seems to be part of the sea and sky in this shot at the Costa de Oro.

Reflected sunset: liquid gold.