Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 161 July 31, 2010

Old City Hall's Clock Tower, Mount Rainier in the distance and some sort of bird (likely a gull) winging its way.

Day 159, July 29, 2010

When I see houses like these, all alike in a row, I wonder if they were Sears Home Kits.

Day 160 July 30, 2010

One of the delightful things about old towns are the treasures you find. This hitching post is no doubt original.

Day 158 July 28, 2010

This was actually a sunny day but these plants were in the dark and judging by the water droplets had been in the dark all morning. It was also quite warm by this time of day so finding the water here and on other plants was unique for the day.

Day 157 July 27, 2010

This could just be a picture for the blue sky at an intensity not often seen here. This old church isn't one any more but serves as the home of a non-profit that works with those with drug problems.

Day 156 July 26, 2010

As more and more people take up
residence in downtown
people sitting on stoops
becomes a more common sight.

Day 155 July 25, 2010

This isn't a spectacular picture but it is interesting with the flowers crowding through the chain link fence and the purple and silver with just a bit of green are nice together.

Day 154 July 24, 2010

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo-graphy Walk Day! Here, in a push button for the walk sign to stop traffic for ped-estrians is reflected the once beautiful and majestic Elks Temple. It was basically abandoned when the new Lodge was built. Over too many years it has fallen into decay. But now the Mc Minnimans (sp?) have purchased it and while they turn things like this into restaurants and hotels, they do preserve the historical value and beauty so the city is eager for them to begin their work!

Day 153 July 23, 2010

Tide Flats of Commencement Bay: always an interesting view!

Day 152 July 22, 2010

This is reminiscent, for me, of a photograph my father took in Japan in 1951.

Day 151 July 21, 2010

So many different sorts of statements in this view of downtown: architecturally, culturally and historically.

Day 150 July 20, 2010

This seemed like a good idea but the angle is all wrong. Probably worth some study and going back for another attempt. It may well be that that pattern in the bricks is fighting too much with the great shadow from the wrought iron.

Day 149 July 19, 2010

This is wonderful but don't you wonder what it was that got painted over here?

Day 148 July 18, 2010

Lovely flowers reflecting a beautiful summer's day.

Day 147 July 17, 2010

Another poster project again applying filters, using a mask and revealing a portion to emphasize then adding text.

Day 146 July 16, 2010

Poster project for class. Applied filters to photo added text.

Day 145 July 15, 2010

Yet another book cover class project. If you've read this book you completely understand the picture. If you haven't read it, absolutely do so NOW!

Day 144 July 14, 2010

The background is a photograph of graffiti found in a downtown garage. The photo was used for the cover of an imaginary book as a class project. Although now it sounds like a good idea: collect found art and publish it in a book: hmmmm wonder if one could be liable for royalties if an artist were to come forward and how would they prove it was their work? May have to check into that.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 136 July 6, 2010

Is this what the big DOT flap is all about? Is this where the via duct doesn't connect? Maybe it is just me but that doesn't look like it will work. They'll start demolition soon: the surprise is it was still there today so long after it was discovered and splashed all over the newspapers for several days already.

Day 135 July 5, 2010

A little bit of sunshine growing in an unattended lot. Why do we call the things that grow so effortlessly weeds? Why is it we don't want them?

Day 143 July 13, 2010

Class project for a book cover. This is a journal cover for an up-coming very brief trip to Victoria, B.C. The portion of the title Adobe Groups will not appear in the final product as it was merely part of an exercise.

Day 142 July 12, 2010

Using Photoshop tools to make something more out of what one sees without doing more than one adjustment.

Day 141 July 11, 2010

This is an example of a lesson to help children learn English while using the drawing, painting and text tools in Photoshop.

Day 140 July 10, 2010

Another class project. The bear, often the subject of videos for children was added into this picture. His hard edges give him some depth separation from the background. He has his backpack full of sunscreen and is ready for adventure!

Day 139 July 9, 2010

This was a class project using multiple filters. Very elementary.

Day 138 July 8, 2010

The old next to the new. This building has been going on a long time and now it will be even longer tying up traffic both ways on the freeway as a terrible miscalculation has happened: two ends just won't meet!

Day 137 July 7, 2010

Nalley Valley is an industrial area. Of course there used to be manufacturing going on in the Heated Self Storage building but the Roman Meal is still going strong and the Glove Factory (due to make an appearance in a future post) just turned 100 and is still turning out gloves everyday and looking hale and healthy. For a good story look at the Tacoma News Tribune online in these first few days of July.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 133 July 3, 2010

There are still a few days to be made up and then everything will be back on track! Such a cool summer so far it is a wonder there are so many flowers and that the colors are so intense.

Day 134 July 4, 2010

No wonder grain feeding animals love this stuff: it grows everywhere with virtually no encouragement at all. This one was growing out of a pile of gravel so evidentially it only requires the scantest amount of soil as well.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 128 June 28, 2010

Another wild flower growing on a freeway hillside and taken through a fence with the light dying and the wind blowing.

Day 132 July 2, 2010

Some would, evidentially, find this a disturbing photo if they were allergic to grass but really in the natural it is quite lovely and one can see why oat, rye and other grains are all grasses.

Day 131 July 1, 2010

The iconic Bob's Java Jive: understood to be a cultural experience...

Day 130 June 30, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night but this peony was beading up the raindrops beautifully!

Day 129 June 29, 2010

More freeway wild flowers again blowing in the wind and difficult to catch but here they are. Daisies are just the flower to make a person smile. They are sort of the clowns of the wildflowers.

Day 127 June 27, 2010

This peony was really blowing around. So shot at night, in the wind with a flash.

Day 126 June 26, 2010

There are some stunning sunsets and right here in the immediate area. This one had clouds where the Olympic Mountains are supposed to be. Above are more clouds just entirely different type. All in all an interesting set of colors and textures and temperatures. Looks like weather is on the way!

Day 125 June 25, 2010

More old fashioned roses. These were taken at night and climbing up a chimney. Lovely!

Day 124 June 24, 2010

These were in a hanging planter looking so late spring!

Day 123 June 23, 2010

This was a surprisingly emotional day for several of us. Graduation day at one of the elementary schools. The principal had just named the winner of the Kiwana's award (the hightest honor in elementary school). The boy standing was the winner and the one in the background with his hands raised in jubilation just happens to be his best friend. Now that's a demonstration of true friendship!

Day 122 June 22, 2010

Not sure what was going on with this little guy. He looks so thoughtful. He was at McDonald's for McTeacher night and was near the order area but wasn't with anyone. He was so little he couldn't see over the counter! Very cute and with a room full of people who knew who he is.

Day 121 June 21, 2010

These children were all watching the dunk tank on their field day and waiting their turn to throw the balls. Only one of them is reacting to the fact that one of their classmates just managed to hit the target and dunk the fifth grader! Isn't she cute?

Day 120 June 20, 2010

The name of these is mystery but again look how deep the color is. No wonder the birds and bees and butterflies flock to them!

Day 119 June 19, 2010

Don't know what these are called but they are dainty and cute!

Day 118 June 18, 2010

These old fashioned roses are lovely and delicate if not a little over-packed with petals! They are in there so tight it is a wonder the fragrance can slip out! HA!

Day 117 June 17, 2010

This is technically a weed I suppose because it was growing on the hillside next to the freeway. The brighness of the pinks on these is completely amazing!

Day 116 June 16, 2010

This bright little spot was in a pot on a carport walkway, put there by one of the residents at the condo. The contrast between the orange center, the yellow petals and the green leaves is simply wonderful!

Day 115 June 15, 2010

Looking for a mantel clock that will actually be able to be seen and read. The anniversary clock in the center hasn't worked for several years and a number of clocks have come and tried out the mantel but none have managed to stay and take up residence. Still looking for the right clock.

Day 128 June 28, 2010

Coming back from Gig Harbor presented this sunset with a full view of the Olympic Mountains on the horizon: simply beautiful!

Day 114 June 14, 2010

Today some recognition was given and dinner served. Maybe those feted will be missed and remembered would be nice to think so at any rate.