Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 229 October 6, 2010

Dad's first:
day before the
first day of
Reveling in the
normal life.
Not sure how this
got so out of

Day 254 October 31, 2010

Not sure why these are call Spanish Steps but thankfully they will be restored soon!

Day 253 October 30, 2010

A bit of bright red caught by the juniper greens on a rainy fall day.

Day 252 October 29, 2010

Fall in Wright Park on a rainy day.

Day 251 October 28, 2010

Originally built to be a grand hotel Stadium High School has been remodeled and modernized inside to make it a state of the art facility and a show piece for the town.

Day 250 October 27, 2010

After the rainstorm this lone leaf and droplets seemed to be little peas in a pod.

Day 249 October 26, 2010

St. Peter's Nurses

Day 248 October 25, 2010

Urban tranquility.

Day 247 October 24, 2010

Pumpkins in the basket on Proctor Street Bridge over Puget Park Gully. Actually they looked like oranges but were cute little pumpkins!

Day 246 October 23, 2010

Peaceful contemplative space on the St Peter's campus.

Day 245 October 22, 2010

These stone cones are the view out the waiting room for intensive care at St Peter's in Olympia. It is a very calming garden all stone and ground cover. The views from outside are quite different than those from inside looking down from the second floor.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 244 October 21, 2010

The bench faces north the people must be especially fond of the view.

Day 243 October 20, 2010

It does seem like there is more moss than ever this year but at least you expect it in the damp forests.

Day 242 October 19, 2010

The wetland woods are such an inviting place on a hot day!

Day 241 October 18, 2010

Even the golden grassy area is part of the pond here.

Day 240 October 17, 2010

This is known as the Deep Sinks and the water in this hole is about 20 feet deep. Years ago there were two separate holes but now there seems to be only one. The holes were probably formed by the decomposition of the peat soils, supported by contact with oxygen in the water. Holes like this one are common in older bog wetlands such as the Hylebos Start Park wetland.
The hylebos Wetlans contain peat soils up to 30 feet thick. The peat soils begun to form some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago in a depression left after the last glaciation. The depression held a lake, which gradually filled in with sediment and plant material until it finally became dry enough to support forest growth. Since peat forms in relatively low oxygen conditions the plant materials are only partly decomposed - plant fragments can be seen from plants which died thousands of years ago. Very few examples of this type of wetland remain in the Puget Sound Region, partly because the peat was mined years ago to use as a soil amendment.

The water level in the hole is probably fed by a shallow aquifer (ground water) from Panther Lake area. A deeper aquifer called the Redondo-Milton channel lies underneath this area extending from the Redondo area southward toward Milton. Several wells in the Redondo-Milton channel are the main source of drinking water for Federal Way.

Day 239 October 16, 2010

The colors and textures of this little nature scene on the boardwalk was too much to pass by.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 238 October 15, 2010

The wet land woods have far less underbrush than you find in forests on the western side of the Cascade Mountains.

Day 237 October 14, 2010

The path between the trees actually doesn't go anywhere except to a dead end. The interesting path is the one that passes it by.

Day 236 October 13, 2010

This delicate little volunteer was hiding out in the shadows.

Day 235 October 12, 2010

Federal Way historic cabin with a lovely wetland park attached.

Day 234 October 11, 2010

Jungle gym fun!

Day 233 October 10, 2010

Take my hand...

Day 232 October 9, 2010

Hot dog! A picnic! Eat first, play later.

Day 231 October 8, 2010

The last day of summer.

Day 230 October 7, 2010

Showing dad the ropes ~ 3 out of 4 in school.

Day 228 October 5, 2010

Hostas! Big, wrinkly leaves!

Day 227 October 4, 2010

One artist's way of viewing her own work while commenting with others: hold over head and view in mirror!

Day 226 October 3, 2010

These have been spotted in a couple of unrelated locations. They are more like something out of someone's prolific imagination that a garden variety flower! What are they called?

Day 225 October 2, 2010

This little beauty is upside down and the only one of it's kind that was still in the sun.

Day 223 October 1, 2010

More hearty fushias in the garden! Fabulous!

Day 222 September 30, 2010

These are incredibly delicate fushias.

Day 221 September 29, 2010

Really it looks like the tree is on fire. Fall is a wonderful season full of wonders!

Day 220 September 28, 2010

Giant Spider Webs, oh, my!

Day 219 September 27, 2010

What delicate beauties these are: all dressed up in their Sunday best! WOW!

Day 218 September 26, 2010

Ah Fushias! What a surprise to find these blooming here in the fall! Then came the discovery it isn't so unusual after all. Hearty Fushias love the PNW.

Day 217 September 25, 2010

These dahlias were so deep and vibrant the petals looked like a rich velvet: so elegant!

Day 216 September 24, 2010

These flowers were so bright and pink! A heavy breeze was blowing so they reminded me of frizzy haired teenagers giggling over their own silliness and having fun. Pretty amazing what with the stiff breeze that they didn't come out blurred.

Day 215 September 23, 2010

These two were the only ones of their kind. They were too perky to pass up!

Day 214 September 22, 2010

A better composition here would have included the whole name of the cafe across the street ( a good place to eat with a breakfast variety that requires decision time!).